Vertimass and World Energy Announce Technology Partnership to Advance Renewable Fuels Development and Production

Vertimass and World Energy Announce Technology Partnership to Advance Renewable Fuels Development and Production

IRVINE, CALIF. and BOSTON – February 16, 2022 Vertimass and World Energy announced today a  Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on the development and application of Vertimass Technologies to produce renewable fuels, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). World Energy is exploring integrating Vertimass’ proprietary alcohol to renewable fuel technologies for the production of SAF, biomass-based diesel, green gasoline, renewable naphtha, and other renewable fuel products.

Through the agreement, the two companies will jointly develop projects to convert alcohols into hydrocarbon fuels using Vertimass’ technology. World Energy may subsequently license Vertimass technology for commercial production. 

“We’re grateful to be working with the excellent team at Vertimass on what stands to be an important new process for converting a new source of feedstocks for our products,” said Gene Gebolys, CEO, World Energy. “Fats, oils, and greases have gotten biomass-based diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel off the ground and will allow us to grow. But on land, rail, and sea, the need keeps growing for ever-more access to low carbon fuels. To provide that, we will need to be continuously collaborating and innovating to find new and better solutions. To that end, we’re thrilled to be doing this work with Vertimass.”

Vertimass President and CEO Charles Wyman added, “Partnering with World Energy will create a mutually beneficial relationship for the two companies, ultimately allowing for increased production of low carbon fuels.”

Vertimass Chairman, Bill Shopoff additionally noted, “As the demand and need for sustainable fuels can only continue to increase, we are delighted to develop this relationship with World Energy so we can work together to make a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions and reducing aviation’s impact on global climate change.”

About Vertimass’ Technology

Vertimass’ technology sustainably produces vital fuels and chemicals from methanol, ethanol, and other renewable alcohols with high yields that can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to sourcing these products from petroleum. The simplicity of this single reaction stage results in low capital and operating costs. The technology originated from Oak Ridge National Laboratories operated by UT-Battelle, with Vertimass obtaining worldwide exclusive rights in 2014.

Vertimass technology for producing jet fuel and chemicals from methanol derived from carbon dioxide offers ethanol producers, electrical power generation facilities, cement producers, and other sources of carbon dioxide release the ability to reduce greenhouse gas footprints. In addition to helping lower carbon footprints, jet, diesel, and gasoline fuels and chemicals derived from renewable alcohols can improve strategic security, rural economies and international competitiveness.

About Vertimass LLC            

Vertimass LLC is based in Irvine, Calif. The mission of Vertimass LLC is to develop and widely license breakthrough technologies that substantially expand production of sustainable transportation fuels and chemicals that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy security and domestic economies. Commercialization of proprietary Vertimass technology can overcome the blend wall that currently impedes expansion of ethanol production from multiple sources of biomass and open up large new markets for aircraft and heavy-duty vehicle fuels and for chemicals not currently amenable to ethanol. For more information, visit

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About World Energy

World Energy works to make carbon net-zero real by empowering leaders to confront the world’s greatest challenge. Since 1998, World Energy has commercialized ever-better, low-carbon fuel solutions for the hardest to abate transport sectors on land, sea, and air. The company operates production and distribution facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada. In Southern California, it operates the world’s first and North America’s only commercial-scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production facility. Through its innovative SAF solution, World Energy enables corporate leaders including Boeing, Amazon, United, JetBlue, Rolls-Royce, and others to make real progress toward net-zero, fossil-free flight. For more information, visit