Developing Breakthrough
Biofuel Technologies

Developing Breakthrough
Biofuels Technologies

That reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance energy security, and create jobs.

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Vertimass is presently not engaged in fuel production; nevertheless, our primary goal is to furnish this capability in the future.

Developing Breakthrough
Biofuel Technologies

Our Mission: Widely Expanding Use of
Proprietary Vertimass Technology

That reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance energy security, and create jobs.

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Vertimass is presently not engaged in fuel production; nevertheless, our primary goal is to furnish this capability in the future.

Developing Breakthrough
Biofuel Technologies

Successful Development
and Rapid Deployment

That reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance energy security, and create jobs.

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Vertimass is presently not engaged in fuel production; nevertheless, our primary goal is to furnish this capability in the future.


Vertimass LLC was awarded a worldwide exclusive license for novel catalyst technology invented at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the conversion of ethanol into jet fuel, diesel fuel, and gasoline blend stocks that are compatible with the current transportation fuel infrastructure. Our firm seeks to commercialize this novel technology to overcome obstacles that limit ethanol use in gasoline for light duty vehicles and open up new ethanol markets for aircraft and heavy-duty vehicles.

Breakthrough technology developed at Oak Ridge National lab
A team of top business executives, engineers, scientists, and consultants with expertise in catalysis, ethanol production and green fuels
Produce green/renewable fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Vertimass technology can produce sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) at a significant cost advantage relative to the sustainable fuel competition, while also helping to mitigate climate change. With the completion of its current demonstration operations, Vertimass technology is now ready for commercialization.

Scalable, cost effective sustainable aviation and other fuels

Bolts onto existing biomass infrastructure, scales faster and cheaper

Green energy

Proven technology

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel (“SAF”)?

Sustainable aviation fuel (“SAF”) is a liquid fuel currently used in commercial aviation which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80%. It can be produced from a number of sources (feedstock) including waste oil and fats, green and municipal waste and non-food crops.

It can also be produced synthetically via a process that captures carbon directly from the air. It is ‘sustainable’ because the raw feedstock does not compete with food crops or water supplies, or is responsible for forest degradation. Whereas fossil fuels add to the overall level of CO2 by emitting carbon that had been previously locked away, sustainable aviation fuel (“SAF”) recycles the CO2 which has been absorbed by the biomass used in the feedstock during the course of its life.

Seven biofuel production pathways are certified to produce sustainable aviation fuel (“SAF”), which perform at operationally equivalent levels to Jet A1 fuel. By design, these SAFs are drop-in solutions, which can be directly blended into existing fuel infrastructure at airports and are fully compatible with modern aircraft.

Source: The International Air Transport Association


Vertimass Series C is a rare investment opportunity exclusively for accredited investors to partake in the future of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) among other green fuels.
Vertimass seeks to develop and widely license breakthrough technologies that substantially expand the use of sustainable transportation fuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy security and domestic economies.

Ready to implement and scale
Tailwinds from government, industry and climate initiatives
Greatly under-supplied market for our product
Goal of near term cashflow through implementation and licensing*
Awards from Department of Energy

*There is no assurance that this goal will be achieved or meet investment objectives.

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Watch World Economic Forum’s video for more information on how the aviation industry will incorporate sustainable aviation fuels in their plans to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Important Information – Risk Factors
An investment in Vertimass must be considered speculative. There are no guarantees of distributions or returns, and an investor may lose all or part of their investment. There are various risks related to an investment in Vertimass which are described in the Private Placement Memorandum. These risks include:

  • Emerging Growth Company: The Company is an emerging growth company that is not yet profitable, is without significant operating history, and may experience significant losses for some time after the Offering.
  • Expectations of Future Losses: The Company is not currently profitable.
  • Failure to Achieve Targeted Raise: As discussed above, the Company is seeking to raise up to an additional $45 million for use as working capital through the offering (the “Targeted Raise”). In the event the Company is unable to raise up to the Targeted Raise, it may not be able to fund its operations as it presently anticipates.
  • Illiquid Investment: Members of the Company are not permitted to withdraw their investment from the Company and therefore may have to bear the economic risk of an investment in the Company for a substantial period of time.
  • No Assurance of Additional Capital: The success of the Company depends upon receiving significant funding from the net proceeds of this Offering, as well as additional financing.
  • No Assurance of Distributions: Members may not receive any cash distributions.
  • No Role in Management: Members will be unable to exercise any management functions with respect to the Company. The rights and obligations of the Members are governed by the provisions of applicable Delaware law and by the Operating Agreement.
  • Projections: Any projected financial results prepared by the Company have not been independently reviewed, analyzed, or otherwise passed upon. Such “forward looking” statements are based on various assumptions of the Company, which assumptions may prove to be incorrect. There can be no assurance that such projections, assumptions and statements will accurately predict future events or actual performance.
  • Changes in Fuel Prices: In recent years, the price of ethanol has been less than the price of petroleum-based fuels, which increased demand for ethanol and other comparably priced alternative fuels. However, the price of ethanol and petroleum-based fuels can drastically change over time so it is difficult to predict how fuel prices will be in the future.

For accredited investors only. This information is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security by any person in any jurisdiction. Offers and sales shall be made only to persons who qualify as accredited investors under applicable U.S. federal law and only pursuant to a confidential offering memorandum (the “Memorandum”) and subscription documents setting forth definitive terms of each investment opportunity. An investment in a limited partnership involves a high degree of risk and is speculative as described in detail the Memorandum for each investment opportunity, including the possible loss of your investment, and is illiquid with an uncertain liquidity date. Securities offered through Shopoff Securities, Inc., member FINRA / SIPC. Please see SSI’s Customer Relationship Services (Form CRS) to get more information about our services.

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